Monday, February 16, 2009

"lovely" day, isn't it?

I know I know all of you who will be reading this will be saying, "that's not true, my husband is the best", but I truly think mine is. Bryce gave me a fantastic weekend filled with lots of Bryce time. We always celebrate our Valentine's the day before, trying to avoid crowds as much as possible. We went to the Sego Lily Day Spa and had a couples massage and facials, ahhhhh, can I just live there? It was very relaxing, and much needed. Then we went home and he told me to get ready because he had something else planned, threw me in the bedroom and told me not to come out until he came and got me. He then escorted me out to the kitchen, and he and some of our friends,the Stoker's, ended up coming over and the men ended up cooking us a wonderful steak dinner, baked potatoes, salad, they had bought us both flower arrangements and had the table all set around them, even with a lit candle, it was great. I know your probably thinking, well it would have been more romantic with just the two of them. But I'm thinking, just the fact that Bryce planned something was fantastic, I'm usually the one planning the stuff, so it was refreshing to see him putting forth some effort. He even went ahead of time and rented a couple of chick flicks for us to watch. It was really fun, thoughtful, and most of it was romantic. Thanks honey, I had a great Valentines weekend. I love you, definetly don't deserve you, your the best! On another "lovely" note, my little sister got engaged on Valentine's Day to a wonderful guy named Parker Cornaby. Congratulations you two, we are so excited for you, it's about time!!