Sunday, March 29, 2009

manual labor??

It's been awhile since my dearest has had to hold a hammer or a nail gun in his hand. The only thing he holds anymore is his cell phone or a golf club. Don't get me wrong, Bryce does work hard, it's just not that manual labor that he once had to do. But for the past month, Bryce has been framing in a basement for the Stoker's on his Saturday's. I know he has enjoyed refreshing his memory on how to do a lot of these things that he used to not have to think twice about, but now does. I just wanted to tell Bryce how amazing he is. He is the true meaning of service, he does it so selflessly, and I love him for that. You are a good man babe. (now if I could only get you to do my crap around the house so easily)

Doesn't he look so cute doing his manual labor and all? And that tool belt, AHHHH!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Yeah, FedEx!!

Well this morning, it was official, good old FedEx delivered our passports/visas. I'm starting to think this trip is really going to happen, yeah for FedEx, and for us!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Passports and Visas, Oh My!!

Well, a couple of days ago, Bryce and I just decided that we finally need to take that trip to Brasil that we are always saying we'll do, but don't. Within the last couple of days we've looked into airports, visas, hotels, transportation, restaurants, old mission spots, and of course the places that he never got to see before. And the best part about it, is we will be leaving next month. I can't believe we are finally going, and Bryce especially, is on cloud nine with having the thought of visiting the place that he loved so much. To this day, many years later, he seriously lights up when he talks about the mission, I really love that about him. He loved the people, the place and the food. We honestly can't walk into a grocery store without him holding up a piece of fruit and saying, "this is nothing compared to the avocados in Brasil, they are this big in Brasil." And most of you that know Bryce can picture his eyes growing the size of that avocado as he's explaining it. In a whole, it's quite overwhelming, I've never planned anything like this before, especially in a foreign country. We are so blessed that we are able to do this right now in our lives, I can't wait to go with Bryce and share what I'm sure will be very spiritual moments in the places that he grew so much. Brasil, ready or not, here we come!! (well,only if we can get our visas in time)