Sunday, January 29, 2012

Audrey Updates-9 months

Well Audrey just turned 9 months last week and she has changed leaps and bounds! We went to see the Dr for her wellness check up and everything looked great.
Head circumference- 17.5in 63%
Weight-19lb 64%
Height-29in 90%
Here is a picture of Audrey at 9 months

She is crawling like crazy and wants to get into everything that she knows she's not supposed to. She really wants nothing to do with all the fabulous toys that she recently got for Christmas, she just wants to explore the world now that she has the means. She pulls herself up to things very easily now and likes to think she is bigger than she is when it comes to bridging the gap from one piece of furniture to the other which will usually follow by a face plant. Her favorite places to crawl and pull herself up to right now are the steps leading up to my bath tub, the stairway going downstairs or any fireplace hearth that is in her site.
We think she may be saying "dadda". Well, we know she says it, we just can't tell if that is just one of the words she babbles. She does seem to however understand when I say "dadda", to look for him, so who knows. She has been saying that for quite some time now and my sister says that Kendell said "hi" to her while babysitting and without hesitation followed with a "hi" back to Kendell.
Audrey now gives kisses. About 2 weeks ago Jen just asked her for kisses and Audrey leaned forward with open mouth and placed one on her face. She then proceeded to do it over and over as the family mauled her for kisses. I just love when I get these moments when I pick her up and squeeze her and unexpectedly without me asking for one, she plants a big kiss on me!
She has also decided that she wants to go back to waving now. Every morning when I get her out of bed, we start heading down the hall and she just waves and waves like she is Princess Diana greeting her public.
Good news, she will now hold her bottle. You have to still place her hands on it, but by golly she will hold it.
I saved the best for last. Audrey has decided to go through the terrible two's already. I know all of my family members that read this are thinking, oh that sweet Audrey that never cries? Yes, I'm talking about that same Audrey . She puts on quite the act for the family most of the time, for me, she tends to give a little attitude to, shocking, I know. If I pick her up from somewhere she wants to get to, she starts flopping around like a fish out of water, but a fish that screams or yells out. She has also done the, I'm just gonna throw my head back along with my body and hope you catch it move. Now whenever I change her diaper, put her into her car seat, high chair, walker or jumper, she will now start to cry. As I was feeding her this morning I was thinking to myself, where has she learned this? She doesn't run with a bad crowd yet that would be setting a bad example for her. I tell her when she does it, that it's not ok, and we don't act like that. (you can never be to young to learn right from wrong, right)? I'm being hopeful in thinking that she will just get it out of her system a little earlier than normal, haha, I know.
None the less, we still love our baby girl, attitude or not. She is so much entertainment and we couldn't imagine our lives without her.

Monday, January 23, 2012

close calls

My baby girl has been watched over lately, and I don't mean by me. A couple of weeks ago I put Audrey on her changing table, strapped her in and stepped into her closet for a minute to grab her outfit before I put her into the bath. I came back to find her sitting on the edge of her dresser with her butt teetering on the edge with her back ready to slam down on the floor! That little worm had wiggled her way out of the safety strap rolled over and sat up some how.
The other night after I had finished cooking dinner, I left Audrey in her walker alone in the kitchen seriously for a few seconds. As I was heading back into the kitchen, I heard a loud crash. I turned the corner to see her sitting in her walker and my griddle on the floor to the side of her. Luckily the griddle wasn't plugged in and hot, so there's a point for me! I was also relieved to see that it hadn't slammed down on my little Audrey's head. It really could have done some damage, well it did, just not to Audrey thank goodness. Can't say as much for my now broken griddle and my now chipped wood floor because of it.
Everyday is a learning curve for me and the little one, hopefully I catch on a little quicker than she does! Lesson learned this week.....bad things happen when I leave the room.
This is the solid metal griddle that could have cracked Audrey's head...

the first of I'm sure many chips in my wood floor....

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Wow that was fast! I just did the blog about Audrey pulling herself up into sitting position on her own, crawling and now the very next day I catch Audrey on video through my baby monitor screen pulling herself up to standing position. Stay week may be the walking post! (trying to download the video, but can't seem to)

Monday, January 2, 2012


Audrey has been on her hand and knees for some time now. She rocks back and forth, tries to go and face plants it. She gets around a room quite well for doing the army crawl, going backwards or just rolling over and over. She has also mastered the sit down roll around and then sit back up move.
Last night while we were at the in laws for dinner, I looked down and watched Audrey do a couple little shuffles with her hands and knees, then she stopped. I took her into the laundry this morning sat her down on the floor and she saw a sock, she took those same 2 little crawls forward. I took her into Bryce and said, "she just crawled", so I sat her down, put the ipad in front of her and she did it again.
She's crawling very little, not all over the house yet nor around the room for that matter, but she's crawling.
Crawling is one of those things that you want your child to do because you don't want them to fall behind but, you really don't want to enter that next step of having to child proof everything and now having to watch there every move.
Let's just hope this isn't like the waving hello and goodbye thing where she did it a few times to Bryce and I and now she won't do it again!
(Audrey still will not hold her bottle, lazy butt)!