Sunday, June 7, 2009

Brasil photos at last

Flying to Brasil

Our Resort in Rio Quente, Goiania

This is just one of the many natural pools at our resort, they were so pretty and ohhh soooooo warm.

Our favorite families in Hidrolandia, we miss them so much!!

Aren't these pay phones awesome? They look like turtles

We have lots of pictures of Bryce back in the day, standing in front of this church with whom ever he was going to baptize. Of course then, they didn't have this fence, and he was actually on the chruch property, so I guess it's a little different, but still almost the same.

These are our little pound puppies. They are the stray dogs that I would feed periodically because I felt bad for them. :-( And Bryce thought I was a freak!

These pictures are of the beautiful Iguassu Falls, they don't do it justice, we can't get all of it into a picture because they are just that big! All of the locals said that the falls were actually really low, I can't imagine what they look like when they are full.

Going to church in Foz Do Iguassu

Over looking Rio De Janiero from the Christo statue, you can see the Copacabana beach.

Looking at the famous Sugar Loaf Mountains from the Christo

On the smaller mountain of Sugar Loaf Mountain. You take a cable car from one mountain to another, it was pretty neat.

Check out these hang gliders that kept coming right up next to the Christo, I bet they had a really great view!

Me, Bryce and the Christo (and a million Brasilian tourists)

You can see the Christo hiding behind the clouds. I took this picture all the way down on the Sugar Loaf Mountains. I don't think anyone has any idea how big that Christo really is. You can see him from just about any where in Rio. And he can see the entire city. Bryce and I joked that on Carnival they probably cover up his eyes.