Thursday, June 14, 2012


Well, I typed this up awhile ago, I'm just getting to posting it now. I can't believe how big she has got this last little while. We have now just flipped her car seat around to forward facing. She likes it better and so do I, it's fun to see her cute little face every time I turn around, although I hate that it means she is growing up. She climbs in and out of the bath tub, the toy box, the laundry basket. She climbs up onto my fireplace hearth, which I hate because she can't get down from it without me or plopping down on her head. She has quite the vocabulary now. Her everyday vocab consists of dadda, babba, go go, bye, hi, dog, Abbie. Yes, she says the dogs name clear as a whistle, but can't say momma anymore. I honestly think she thinks my name is babba. She sings the part of, eiei without the o, in old mc donald had a farm. The one word I know she is saying but it's just not very clear is thank you. It comes out as, tay tu. She will come up to me and hand me something and say tay tu, such a polite little girl. We are having so much fun with Audrey and I really enjoy watching her learn new things. Her stats at her 1yr were: Weight: 21 lb-60% Head: 18"-67% Height: 31" 94%