Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kendell & Cameron

I'm doing this for my sister Jenny and her husband Kelly who are on an Alaskan cruise right now. They had to leave their 2 little ones behind for 8 days and I know it's killing them. So I thought, I could put together a little blog of pictures from the time that I babysat them, and then they could see Kendell and Cameron, and the fun that they are having while mom and dad are gone, (trying not to have to much fun until you get back).

Here is Bryce and the kids watching "Jimmy Neutron", I'm sure you can tell by Bryce's big eyes that it must have been an intense scene.

Here's the gang after I interrupted "Jimmy Neutron", and said "your mom and dad are going to see these pictures, so smile dang it and look like your having fun."

We roasted marshmallow's and had smores, didn't take any pictures at the time, cause there was food to be had!

Uncle Bryce was kind enough to set up this tent in the backyard for us!!

Taking pictures in the tent before bed, (7:30 sharp)

me and Kendell taking silly pictures,

and Cameron missing out on all the fun!!

There's the spot where I didn't sleep at all and my back hurt like heck.

sleeping in, ahhhhhhhh

I gave Cam a cool faux hawk(or as Cam says pokey hair like Bryce) I think he liked it.

Gaining up on Bryce,

Bryce fighting back,

Bryce throwing one down so Abbie can have a turn.

Before going to Cherry Hill


Cameron and Grandma

Kendell on the way home from Cherry Hill,

Cameron on the way home from Cherry Hill. I kid you not Kendell slept for 2 hrs, and Cam slept for 2 1/2. Nice.

These guys were so much fun to have in the house, I love the little things that kids say and do, they are priceless!! Love ya Jen and Kel, hope your having fun and return home safely, and know that all is well back home.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I'm so proud of that gorgeous husband of mine! He has been playing softball with a bunch of guy's from the neighborhood, and last night they had there championship game, and they won!! The final score was 11-4, and I'd like to think that my great cheering skills played a part in that. Bryce almost got his face taken off however. He was running to second base when they tagged his base and were going for a double play, the guy went to throw the guy out at first and he threw the ball right at Bryce, luckily he put his arms up in the air or else I think he would have taken it somewhere on the face. That is our family motto, "it's better to get hit on the elbow then on the face!" In all actuality, we know that Bryce should have slid to second, but come on, they all wear shorts and this is not the major leagues! So idiot who threw the ball at my husband, if your reading this, try that again and you'll have to answer to me HA.
Love ya babe, great season!

As you can see, I posed Bryce for this pic, he didn't like it very much and his exact words after I took the photo were, "o.k, that was gay." None the less he posed anyway. Then when I was doing this post he looked at the picture, and we just started laughing, his next comment was, "I look like a four yr old going to play t-ball for the first time." Well even if he does, I think he looks cute, and he was just being a good husband and doing what his wife asked of him, (which isn't often, so thanks)
Bryce going up to bat.....the ball was pitched.....he makes contact with the ball......nice follow through.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!

Am I getting old? I didn't think it was that long ago when I was a young women going to girls camp, and I would stay up all night long, and it never fazed me. Well I just had 4 days of it, and I'm exhausted! How did I use to do it, and still form sentences together properly? I think in this last week I've gotten like 5 hours of sleep, in case you were wondering, that's very very bad. The first night I had just fallen into my deep sleep when my precious little Beehives (that's a church term for 12-13 yr old girls) let out a few screams which I thought were one's to be desired from a scene in a thriller movie, I swear at the young age of 26 my heart skipped a few beats, once again, in case you were wondering, that's very very bad. The next night the girls were actually being quite reverent compared to the night before, it must have been the wrath they received, and of course the night that I couldn't hear them, one of the girls comes into my tent, waking me up at 2:30 in the morning, (me having gone to bed probably 1 hour prior), and informed me that one of the other girls had just thrown up in the tent, but a little good news was that part of it's contents made it outside the tent. So I stayed up with her rubbing her back while she was in the fetal position, waited patiently while she took a shower, knelt and said a little prayer with her, and then when I came to the conclusion that she was in fact actually sick and not just home sick, I got to drive her home at 5:00 in the morning, ya ya ya, I know your all thinking it, and yes it was very very bad! I hope your not thinking that I'm a big complainer and I hated every minute of it, (and yes I can use that term because I was almost awake for every minute), but I really did have a great time. There was a river that we were crazy enough to go tubing down, because of the cold factor not that there were white caps or anything. I gave my self a pretty good sized bruise on my hip where I was so blessed to run into a pointy rock, put a hole the size of a softball in my tube and slowly sank into the water up to my shoulders BUUUUUURRRRRR. It was really fun to float that river though over and over with good friends that you serve with, we had some great times in there. They also had a zip line, that was also really fun, I loved watching the girls giggle up until the point when they started climbing there way up the scaffolding, there facial expressions turned very somber, I loved it. As some of you may know, I'm the second counselor in the Young Women's Presidency, and I know that people were inspired to give me this calling and that I may be blessed with the opportunity to serve my Savior and these girls. They are truly an example to me in so many ways. I love my calling and the growth that is taking place as I serve others. I love the thought that I can affect there lives for the better, in ways that maybe there parents, and friends could not. As I sat around the camp fire for our testimony meeting, I was thinking about how in such a short time of having this calling I feel that I have taken on the burdens of my 13 little Beehives, then I thought of how my wonderful bishopric must feel with all of the members they need to watch over, and then from there I thought of my Savior, and the burdens that he did bear, and how that must have felt I cannot imagine. I'm so grateful for my Savior and his sacrifices for me, and for a Father in Heaven who truly loves me no matter what. Bottom line,we had a great time playing together, getting to know one another better, and strengthening our testimonies, and yes you can say that was a very very good thing! (sorry for the American Novel).
Here is our group before our hike.
Sam (one of my Beehives) and me on the hike.

Here is me after the zip line.

Here's Jill and me floating the river.

And the group after we lost 3 tubes on the river.

Monday, July 14, 2008

"The greatest fun spot"

Well that's what the song says, I can't say it's the funnest of all the fun spots but I do think it's pretty dang fun. Today I went to Cherry Hill with my family. My sister loves to go swimming any time she has work off and this is where she picked. So we were all there, mom, Jen and her kids, Jamie, Debbie, Bri, Kina, Aimee and all of there kids, it was really fun. It's always fun to act like a complete idiot, and hopefully you don't see anyone that you know other than your family cause they already know how stupid you are. We like to find the wildest way down the slides legal or not, and yes there have been a few whistles blown, but not to many because those 16 yr old lifeguards are kind of afraid to blow the whistle on someone that is pushing nearly 30. I haven't been kicked out yet, so I'm going to keep on having fun in the summer sun at Cherry Hill!!

My cute fam at Cherry Hill

Kendell and Cameron with auntie me!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Daddy's Disappointment!!!!

When I was a little girl I was tough, still am, but I think I'm loosing some of my street credibility. I used to go down into the basement and could do over twenty chin pull ups, my dad to this day still talks about the good old days of how tough his little girl was and how many she could do. So in my dad's new house, in the basement once again he puts a chin bar in the floor joists, and Bryce starts insisting that I go give it a try, for old times sake. I honestly did not want to, I knew there was no way I could live up to the hype. I finally went down and gave it a whirl, and another and another. Let's just say 18 yrs later and a few pounds heavier didn't serve me well. I tried and I tried quite a few times and just couldn't make it to that bar once. Thank goodness my mom and Jamie couldn't do it either, but none the less I was disappointed with myself that there wasn't at least one chin to that bar. I'm sorry dad, but at least we still have the good ole days to talk about!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hello Fellow Bloggers!!

Well we did it, I say we but in all reality Bryce doesn't give a crap about blogging. I felt the same way, but just recently I spent half a day going through my friends blogs and I thought it was amazing how one friend linked to another and another, and before I knew it I was seeing old friends from high school that I hadn't seen in awhile. Now I'm not saying that everyone wants to see Bryce and I, but maybe there will be a few of you out there that want to see what the heck we're up to, and right now we're not up to much so I'll leave you with that, and hopefully we will be welcomed into the blogging world.