Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Audrey Stevenson

The day before I went into labor was the calmest day I had had in a long time. I didn't do much with work, took it easy, ran a few errands, went to a church leadership meeting and tried to help my dad and Bryce paint the changing table. I wasn't feeling any contractions that evening, but I was feeling a lot of movement with different pains. I actually told Bryce that she was going to come that night. I went and finally packed up the things that I would need for the baby at the hospital and put it by the garage door.
At about 2:30am Friday morning, I woke up thinking that my water had broke, I grabbed Bryce calmly and said, "Bryce I think my water just broke." I told him to grab some towels and then I headed to the bathroom. Yup, it had broke. It wasn't the gush of water that I was fearing and that I had prepared for by putting an extra folded up sheet underneath me, it was more of a leak. (I was so thrilled that I didn't have to go into my scheduled induction that Easter Sunday). At this point, I had not felt a contraction or any pain. I had Bryce call the hospital, not because I was freaking out, but because I knew after your water broke, you don't want to wait to long because there is nothing to protect the baby from bacteria, so I just wanted to know when to go in.
When Bryce called, he spoke with the woman in labor and delivery and he told her that, "my waters wife broke, how soon do we need to come in?" They both laughed and she said, she was used to that and that we should come in within an hour or so.
I decided to take a shower, get ready, clean the house and pack because I hadn't done that yet. I was so calm. I couldn't believe how calm and relaxed I was.
By about 4:30am I had felt a couple of contractions so I said, ok, we can go now. We were on our way at about 5:00.
My doctor had his son's graduation that day, so when the nurse called to tell him that we had come in, he said to start the pitocin and speed things up. I started to have quite regular contractions about 2 min apart. Later, the nurse came back in and said that she had spoken with the Dr. and he would like us to take you off of the pitocin and slow things down until after he returned from the graduation. After they had taken me off the pitocin, I was still having those contractions about 2 min apart, so I finally sprung for the epidural after fighting it for awhile.
A few of the concerns we had during delivery were as follows...
Audrey's vitals weren't reading to well while still in the womb, so they put me on oxygen.
Later on in the laboring process, my nurse, who happens to be my neighbor and really "close" friend now, was the lucky one that got to keep changing and checking my bed pads, she finally stated that she was a little nervous by the amount of blood that I was losing and she wanted to inform the Dr. The look on Bryce's face, was sheer terror. You could honestly feel the love and concern that he had for his loved one, that's me, and was so upset with himself because he couldn't be my "rock" and be strong for me, he was upset that he shed a few tears......oh I love that man.
Audrey was facing up instead of the proper position, which is face down. They told me that when this happens, I need to plan on pushing twice as long and that worse case we might have to have a c-section. We ended up getting Audrey to turn one little push at a time, and she came out the way He had intended.
I had a fabulous nurse Jolene, couldn't have asked for a better Dr. fill in than Dr. Farley, a hall full of family that couldn't wait to meet this little girl finally and last but not least, a husband, who is definitely my rock. He made me so proud that he was actually able to be apart of the whole thing. If you know Bryce, you know that he can't handle blood and gore, so the entire pregnancy, we pretty much thought he would be up by my head holding my hand. Well Dr. Farley told him he needed Bryce to hold one of my legs during the pushing and wouldn't you know it, he jumped right in. The Dr. turned the counting over to him as well, and we all got a good laugh when he forgot how to do so all of the sudden. The next time he counted to fast, but finally he got it down. He is a stronger man than he gives himself credit.
The whole experience was seriously amazing. I know it seems like a weird place to fall in love all over again, me not looking my best and all, but it really was. The time spending together anticipating the arrival of something that we had created together. The bond that is formed when something starts to go wrong, you realize how much you truly care for this person. Witnessing a miracle, a true miracle. If all of that doesn't bring two people together in love, I don't know what will.
As her head was coming out, the Dr. let me reach down and feel the top of her head, OH MY HECK, the whole thing was just amazing!! I could feel the hair on top of that little head. All in all, everything went really well. I pushed for about 45 minutes and on April 22, 2011 at 4:14pm our adorable little baby girl was here. I heard that little tiny cry that we anticipate hearing for the first time, it was music to my ears. She was 7 lbs 1 oz. and was 21 1/2in long.
He set her up on my chest as soon as she came out, she was perfect. I couldn't believe that perfect little angel just came out of me, but more importantly, how recent she had just come from her Father in Heaven. Bryce and I talked and wished that she could speak and tell us what she had just seen and experienced, being so close to the veil and all, wouldn't that be something to hear.
As soon as she came out, the Dr. said, look at those eye lashes. Not sure where she got them, since I have to put 3 coats of mascara on every morning, so it must be Bryce. She has Bryce's mouth chin and nose, his coloring, she had the prettiest skin color, everyone would always comment on how pretty her skin was, we never had jaundice thank goodness. Her hands and feet were so long. She has my eye shape, right now that is all I can see. I know she can still change in time, but at the moment, I think she has more of Bryce's characteristics.
She was such an alert baby the moment she came out. Eye's wide open, no crying, just scanning the room and people that surrounded her in love. I know they say baby's can't see, but I swear mine was advanced. She didn't have those googly eyes that can't focus on a thing, and to this day still never did, she seemed to know exactly where she was looking and at who she was looking at.
I just can't believe that I'm finally a mother. The whole thing is so surreal. It's so strange to go in with two of you and walk out having your whole life changed. It's crazy how you instantly embrace them into your life and family and it's hard to already remember what it was like without her. Well, the sleeping thing I remember quite vividly. Bryce is absolutely adorable with her. He has been a gittty little boy with a grin ear to ear. He could not be more proud of his little monkey. He his a fantastic father!
We are so excited to have Audrey in our home and in our lives finally, this one was worth waiting for.......

getting ready to take off to the hospital

me and Audrey meeting for the first time

the only time us girls show our weight

proud Bryce and his new baby girl

Audrey's first bath

such a sad face

look at my giant hands

me and the babe chilling in the hospital

the fam heading home from the hospital

she looks way to small to be in that car seat