Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Audrey's 1st

Well yesterday morning we had left our windows open to go to sleep that night and a cat woke me up about 1:58am on April 22nd. What does this story have to do with Audrey you ask? Well I just found it ironic that at almost that exact time; exactly one year ago I had woken up to my water breaking with Audrey. I found myself doing this all day long yesterday......"Oh Bryce, at this time a year ago, we would have been doing this" etc etc....... Later on that day, I was getting all of the batteries charged for the big day. I started to flip through some footage on the video camera because we really don't use it all that much, typically only for really special occasions. I found myself watching a lot of clips of us in Brasil. It got me thinking of how many great adventures and trips Bryce and I have been on over the past 11 years together. As I mentioned Brasil, Carribean, Cancun, Puerto Rico, Seattle, New York, Nauvoo, Kirtland and lots and lots of cruises. I then came to the footage of Audrey's first day in the hospital, her first bath time, her first food feeding. I then watched her smile and giggle. Her first crawl, playing with Abbie and her toys, her first Christmas. Having Audrey is hands down, the best adventure Bryce and I have ever started together, other than marriage. She was so worth the 5 year wait and we truly can't imagine our lives without her. There are defiantly mornings where I'm like, ahhhhhh, do I have to get up?? And her attitude some days can really get to me, but by golly, I love that little baby, I mean toddler, sniff sniff. She is such a happy baby and yes, you will always be our little "baby girl". Mom and daddy love you so much and are so glad to have made it through this 1st year with you, there were days I didn't know if we would survive, well if I would, but I did. It is so nice to have family that lives so close and to have such support from all of them. Everybody but 3 people were there. Brody who is off working in Florida, we miss you. Great grandpa Stevenson and Nancy because he is in the hospital battling for his health. We love and pray for you. I don't know if you guys really know how much it meant to us, especially to me that you were there. For me, it wasn't so much just a birthday party for a 1 year old as it was truly celebrating the birth of a miracle that we so desperately wanted and needed. Thanks for coming; we love each and every one of you!
Happy Birthday Girls! My sister Jen and Audrey celebrate the same birthday!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Today was a great day. The weather was great, the talks in church were awesome, dinner at my parents was delicious. It is always good to have another day, other than Christmas, dedicated to the Savior. I'm so grateful for the Resurrection of my Savior.
Here are some pictures of the last couple of days.....

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

11 wonderful years

Yesterday Bryce and I celebrated our 11th year of being married. I use the word "celebrated" because I believe it is something that should be celebrated! Living in a world of celebrity "role models" that stay married for a good 2 weeks, is not my idea of a marriage and I'm so glad to have a partner that is on the same page as me.
We dropped Abbie off at my parents and Audrey off at Bryce's parents(we figured it's good for siblings to be separated occasionally) haha. We stopped by the new theaters in Farmington to see "Hunger Games" did a little shopping there for a bit, then went off to hit the REAL shopping center, CITY CREEK. Yes, people it is amazing. I honestly think it's more the architectural factors that I like more about the place then the actual shopping though! Pick your jaws up off the floor people, if you know me, that shouldn't be to shocking, I don't even like to shop all that much.
From there we headed to the Roof to have a nice dinner, where we got to look over the spot that we were married 11 years prior.
We spent the night in Salt Lake while relaxing in the hot tub and sauna. The relaxing stopped there because I didn't sleep hardly a wink due to a loud furnace that nearly gave me a heart attack as it kicked on early early in the morning.
I really don't care what we do Bryce, I just enjoy being with you. You are my best friend and always will be and it's so amazing that we have put another year behind us so quickly. When people ask us how long we have been married, and then I tell them, I half wait to hear, "oh but you look so young, there's no way you could be married for that long". No one did, it was all in my head. We are getting older and it is defiantly starting to show. Gray hair, wrinkles, over weight, these are just things that we get to do together. I love you babe! Thanks for another year.

Jazzy Wolsey Time

The Wolseys were kind enough to invite us to go to the Jazz game with them awhile ago. we had a lot of fun and of course the Jazz won, they always win when we go!! We got to go into this place to eat and drink and be merry(well LDS style) for free. It was all buffet style and it was really good. At half time we got to go back in and have buffet style desserts, oh my goodness it was craziness, did I mention FREE? Thanks for the fun Wolseys, you guys are always good for a laugh!