Thursday, December 10, 2009

Merry Christmas to me

I have a lovely tree that I should have been totally content with, but after moving a few more times, my 7.5ft tree just doesn't fit up stairs with my 20ft something ceilings. So my tree ends up downstairs where it looks normal, which means, I don't ever get to really enjoy it. For the past few years I have been bugging Bryce to let me get a new tree, but both he and I have been kinda avoiding it knowing that this would cost some money. So this year I came up with a plan to get me a new tree, a plan that would work for both of us, if I get this tree, this will be my Christmas present, then he doesn't have to worry about getting me's a win win! And I have to say worth every penny, I love love love my new tree, I find myself staring at it and smiling. I love this time of year and especially my new present. Great idea Janica and hey....thanks for the present Bryce.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

who finished on top?

There was a gal in our neighborhood that wanted to do this couples golf league. You get to play different courses through out the summer, and at the same time, spend time with your loved one doing something that we both enjoy. We got together a few weekends ago and had dinner at the Timbermine with the rest of the golfers and found out who the winners were. I was the best women's golfer and then Bryce and I won the best couple golfers. We both got hats, gloves, golf balls, tees, and I got a gift certificate to get my toes done. I'm not sure it's that much of an accomplishment however, I don't know how many of the other teams finished playing all the courses, not sure if we really care, we are the CHAMPS, wooohooo!
Here is a picture of the golf gang