Monday, April 22, 2013

Audrey's 2nd Birthday

Oh my heck, will I ever stop saying, "I can't believe she's this old already?" But I really can't!! The past 2 years with this little girl named Audrey have been such a blessing. She is such an animated child and she keeps us laughing. I'm truly so grateful that the Lord sent her to me. I could not have received a better little Angel. Bryce and I love her so much and the little spirit that she is.
A couple of funny things Audrey has said the last little while.......
Bryce and I were out gardening and she came out with our watering can in her mouth, she blew in it and said, "it's a tuba".
I was doing her hair and said, "do you want mommy to put your hair in a pony tail?" She then looked at mine, which had one as well, and said, "mommy has a horsey tail".
Anytime I put a skirt or dress on her, she now has to say "it's a princess dress".
We celebrated her birthday with her favorite people, her cousins, aunts, uncles and of course grandmas and grandpas. She was so excited all day for her party. I loved the fact that this year, she sort of got it, but the best part, was that it wasn't about the presents. (yet) In fact, after opening almost every present, she would go and hand it to one of her cousins.
I love this little girl more than words can express. Thank you for teaching me patience, how to love, understanding for what is important in this life. I love you Audrey.
Here are some pics of her birthday bash!
All day long I kept asking her "if she was excited for her birthday party?" Her response was ,"hat". She wanted a birthday hat for her party, so I let her choose between a couple and this is what she picked.

She had a Hello Kitty hair bow cake

Her new Hello Kitty purse
New guitar
Golf club set
Audrey's new trike
This one is my fave of the night! I love the excitement while they sing happy birthday to her

 This one was totally like, "mom, your embarrassing me in front of my friends"
look at that form, she's a natural
 her new water table

12 years

Bryce and I celebrated our 12 year anniversary on April 4th and yes, I do think it was our best one yet! We started the day off with a round of golf.
We decided to do things a little differently this year. We went to the SLC temple where we were married and did a session. I think we both loved doing something that we did 12 years ago and the fact that this is what we are really here for.
 We then headed over to Texas de Brasil to eat and then had to get a waffle dessert at Bruges, before heading home.
It was a fabulous day and I wouldn't have changed a thing! I truly am so blessed to love Bryce more and more every year. He is my best friend and amazes me year after year by the better man that he becomes. Thanks for the past 12 wonderful years!

easter 2013

Here are some pictures of Audrey at Great grandma Nelson's Easter egg hunt.

 For some reason she took to collecting rocks with her candy???
 My cousins sweet boy

 Yep, she's all boy in that cute little girl body

Easter Sunday was great. I always like to have a day dedicated to really think about our Savior and His Resurrection. I'm so grateful for my older brother and all he has done for me.
Here are a few pictures of Audrey on Easter Sunday at the Stevensons

 By the time we got to Aunt Jens house, she was really into the whole Easter egg hunt thing