Wednesday, July 20, 2011


At Audrey's 10 day ck up, she weighed 6 lbs 12 oz and she was 21 in. long. At her 2 month she was 11 lb 2 oz., 56% and was 24 in. the 97% and her head 54%. Needless to say my baby is growing and way to fast!!! That 2 month appt. was awful. I sat there in my baby's face as a distraction from the needles that were about to hit her legs and that look in her eyes as they got 3 times the size and the instant cry that followed, was like, what did you just do mommy? That was a cry like I had never heard her do before and really don't want to hear again. After the nurses left immediately, they probably don't like to linger to listen to the pain they caused, I looked at Bryce and said, "that was so sad", and we both started to swell up.
She has had colic since day 1 and gave her mom and dad quite the fit. Her poor belly would just turn and turn and it was so hard to not be able to do much about it (and to listen to the crying). I was told by several people to take her to a chiropractor, and after about 11 weeks of it, I had finally had enough of it so I took her to see a guy in our ward. He said she was not aligned, so he straightened her out, not what your thinking, with the twisting of the little head and all. He just took this small little tool that pulses on her spine lightly to push it back into place. I went about 3 times in a 1 week period and can I tell you the difference in my child? She's not completely healed, but she is soooo much happier...and so is mommmy, and she takes naps now, not just 5 min cat naps.
I tried breastfeeding, Audrey had a hard time latching at first and my milk never came in completely. I gave it a go for a little over a month and finally gave in. It just wasn't meant to be this time around. I had a really hard time with it for some reason, I felt a lot of emotions about it, like I was already failing in the mom department. Probably a hard thing to explain unless you've been there.
She started smiling at around 5 1/2 weeks and boy oh boy do I love that. She can be a complete pill, but then oh, she smiles, and she makes everything alllll better!
People were right, about 6-7 weeks with Audrey and she was sleeping much better through the night. At the moment, I'm doing 1 feeding during the night, which is great, but I'm still so tired...have I mentioned I like my sleep??
She is working her little neck and has been holding it up since about 11 weeks or so. Audrey is such a kicker, she kicks things so hard sometimes, I think she probably has bruised little heels.
Bryce and I were doing a parade of homes home when we found out we were pregnant. So I was pregnant during the whole process of the home, luckily I had a great pregnancy. We had Audrey and then 2 weeks later, I had to jump right back into the thick of things because we were at the tail end of the home..luckily I have a great partner, my mom, who picked up all sorts of slack on my behalf. So for the first 2 1/2 months of the kids life, she didn't know where home was or what a schedule was. Our lives were crazy and still are, but hopefully we are adapting a little bit better. I'm still working full time, we have 3 houses going right now and we just signed up a new client in Logan, making that 4, ahhhhhhhh, what am I doing?????
Well that's just a little bit of what's been going on in our home. Here are some pictures we have taken the last little while.
Audrey at the hospital

1st night home, she wanted to stretch out after being in mom's belly

my little bunny rabbit

can someone dim the lights please?

big eyes

the crib my dad created at his house

Audrey and Daddy

Audrey and teddy

Audrey's first swim

and it didn't last long

Monday, July 4, 2011

Audrey's Blessing- July 3, 2011

What a better day than Audrey's blessing day to jump back into blogging? Life has been soooo incredibly busy, so it was soooo nice to sit back and take in the whole day, being spiritually lifted and then relaxing with family while eating good food. The blessing was done by Audrey's daddy Bryce, and surprise surprise, he did such an amazing job! He blessed her with all sorts of wonderful things and I know that our Heavenly Father will follow through on His end. Bryce has such a way with words, he describes things beautifully and has such a spirit about him, I'm so lucky to have such a worthy priesthood holder as a husband. Audrey was a gem during the blessing and actually during the whole day! I think she was at peace. She started to doze off during the opening song and then she was out, not a peep! (Of course as I write this, she is screaming her head off, buy hey, what do you do?) She was such a little beauty on her big day and I'm just so grateful to have her in my life. She has changed me for the better, it ain't easy, but I love it! Thanks to all our wonderful family who came out and supported us on such an important day!
Here are some pictures my sister Jen took of the day....
Oh my heck.......don't you just want to eat her up???

now for pictures taken with my camera by my mom.....

and now me taking pictures after I got her out of her dress....such a cutie

and...she's done