Saturday, August 14, 2010

cat lovers beware

I'm an animal lover! I hate watching the old cowboy and Indian movies when they shoot the horses and they fall to the ground. I hate watching animal cops and seeing the cruel things that people do to animals, you get the point, so in a nut shell, I really love animals. Well over the last loooong while, I have continued to go out into my yard to weed or to water and I notice that my beautifully raked flower beds and my pres tine yard that I work so hard on, have become a freakin litter box to the two stupid cats across the street!!! I know what your thinking, get a grip! I thought you loved animals? Well I'm not sure how I feel about cats anymore! I don't know if I should be more upset with the cats or with the owners. Why is it that a cat can roam when ever and where ever it wants? But if I let my dog do that, the neighborhood would be in a frenzy and she would be picked up in a flash by animal control. How about I start sending my dog across the street to take care of her business in your yard instead of going in the well trained spot, not on the grass, behind my detached garage. Have you heard of a litter box people?
So, as you can see, this is something that truly eats me up inside. I know I shouldn't sweat the small things and I should not be so worried about my personal things, but I am, so deal! We all have our things and this is mine.
So I've decided to take matters into my own hands. After Bryce telling me,"cages are more for racoon's. You will never catch a cat in one of those". Also, the much knowledge that I have knowing the fact that I'm not fast enough to ever catch a cat and send it right back across the street. Along with other thoughts that I have had, and will spare you the details since this is a family blog :) hmmmm, what's a person to do?
Bryce one night while up watching TV, saw an infomercial, they described our predicament to a tee. So after ordering the, as seen on TV contraption and waiting forrreeveerrr for it to get here, I get to now see if it actually works.

(Don't worry, no animals will be hurt during this experiment, well at least I don't think they will)