Thursday, December 10, 2009

Merry Christmas to me

I have a lovely tree that I should have been totally content with, but after moving a few more times, my 7.5ft tree just doesn't fit up stairs with my 20ft something ceilings. So my tree ends up downstairs where it looks normal, which means, I don't ever get to really enjoy it. For the past few years I have been bugging Bryce to let me get a new tree, but both he and I have been kinda avoiding it knowing that this would cost some money. So this year I came up with a plan to get me a new tree, a plan that would work for both of us, if I get this tree, this will be my Christmas present, then he doesn't have to worry about getting me's a win win! And I have to say worth every penny, I love love love my new tree, I find myself staring at it and smiling. I love this time of year and especially my new present. Great idea Janica and hey....thanks for the present Bryce.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

who finished on top?

There was a gal in our neighborhood that wanted to do this couples golf league. You get to play different courses through out the summer, and at the same time, spend time with your loved one doing something that we both enjoy. We got together a few weekends ago and had dinner at the Timbermine with the rest of the golfers and found out who the winners were. I was the best women's golfer and then Bryce and I won the best couple golfers. We both got hats, gloves, golf balls, tees, and I got a gift certificate to get my toes done. I'm not sure it's that much of an accomplishment however, I don't know how many of the other teams finished playing all the courses, not sure if we really care, we are the CHAMPS, wooohooo!
Here is a picture of the golf gang

Thursday, November 26, 2009

"Thanks" Day

I have so much to be thankful for. This past week I have looked around my house and have been reminded of my blessings. Here are some of the things that I saw and took pictures of, of course they aren't all of the things I'm thankful for, but you get the idea........enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Well this year for Halloween I just wanted to hang out after passing out candy, and watch a scary movie. My parents came over along with Jamie and Parker. They wanted to dress up last minute, so we did, it was pretty fun to see them in there costumes.
Thanks for the fun night! Happy Halloween!!!

More pictures to come, I need to get them from my mom.

you sure you want me?

Well today I was set apart for my new calling, 2nd counselor in the Primary Presidency, ahhhhhh! Not sure how I feel about that yet. I just found out that sharing time is no longer going to be done by the presidency, bishopric and's just us, holy cow that's a lot of sharing times! I would have loved that news when I was a teacher. I'm feeling the old self deprecation, seriously, you want me? I can think of a few others that would best fit this calling, especially after me wanting to put a few of them in there places a couple weeks back, and I say again, really, you've thought about this?
I'm always up for a new challenge however and I'm thinking I have to take this one head on. In all honesty, I know that the Lord "puts us in our places", where or whenever he so desires. I'm grateful for this opportunity to serve again, it could be worse, hey, at least I'm not President!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"I don't want no scrubs"

You should now be singing TLC's song, "I don't want no scrubs", if you don't know it that's too bad, not really, it's a pretty lame song. I'm not talking about not wanting scruby men, I'm talking about the fact that I don't have to wear them anymore, hence the title, no more scrubs, (creative huh?) I have officially quit my second job working at the endodontist office, yahoo! However, I will miss the gals I worked with, they were awesome, love you Tina, Cherine and Lauren. I get to focus on my designing full time now, and just in time, cause it's crazy busy. Now for a bigger predicament, what do I wear now? And what do I do with my scrubs?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The BIG 3....0

Well today was Bryce's big 30th birthday, and I guess you could say he wasn't havin it. I wanted to make this birthday special since he was throwing such a fit about turning 30. I decided to do a 30 day count down to his 30th birthday. Everyday he would get a gift or some sort of surprise. I would personally love having something like this done for me, but I have to admit, it was actually kind of fun doing it for him, coming up with his favorite things, fun things to do, and just surprising him. There was way to much sneaking around and covering up my tracks for my liking though. Happy Birthday babe, I hope you had a good month, I love ya!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

birthday me

Well another one has come and gone and I find myself wanting to sing a random Cher song, (promise that's a first), "if I could turn back time". I don't think that's what the song meant, but hey it just came to me. I had my 28th b-day today! The day was filled with, well, work.....cause that's what we do now right? One of these days, I'm going to throw myself a b-day party, the ones that I had back in the olden days, and make everyone bring me presents, don't worry they won't be expensive, it will be school supplies, and trapper keepers, a lunch box, and maybe a few new school outfits.....oh wait, I didn't care for it much back then, and I probably wouldn't now either. This year Bryce got me tickets to the Brad Paisley concert, woohoo! See, some things do get better with age!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jamie and Parker

Well the wedding has come and gone, it was exactly 1 week ago, and it was amazing! I keep thinking how weddings are like Christmas, you wait and wait for them to come, and then there over just like that. Bryce and I were talking at the wedding reception, saying that we are so glad this is the last sibling to get married on both sides of the family, oh you know, the longgggg day. In spite of all that, the day could not have gone any smoother. Jamie and Parker made the right decision by getting married for all time and eternity, we are so proud of them. Parker has fit right in with our family, he has such an easy going personality, and a laugh that makes you want to start laughing even if you don't know what's going on, and he won me over as Jamie's boyfriend, which we know is not an easy task, the family can attest to that. I love that Jamie is truly happy, it's been a long time, and a bumpy road, but you finally found your prince. I hope that marriage treats you well, I love you two! (and have been jealous all week that you are in Hawaii, seriously thought about jumping on a plane, and the funny thing is that these two really would not have minded, well maybe Parker a little, but definitley not Jamie.)hahahaha

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Stevenson Camping Trip

My family has a reunion camping once a year at a place called Browne Lake, I love it even after all these years. Bryce and I got to take his family up there and show them this place that we've been so many times before, it was a blast. I love camping and I can't get enough of it. We did a lot of fishing, washer toss tournaments, walks, four wheeler rides, tons and tons of eating thanks to mom and dad, night time surgery on Abbie removing fish hook from her chest, and just plain old sitting around the camp fire enjoying one anothers company. Thanks for going to Browne, I enjoyed myself. If anyone of the Stevenson clan wants to come up with us again in Sept. your all invited, more fishing, washer toss, four wheeler rides, food, but this time you will get to hear the elk bugle, it's so neat. Thanks again everyone!!

Me and Bryce at Young Springs

Natural Springs

Rob, Brody, and Grandma Maxfield crossing the springs

Bryce had baby Aivree and Abbie in his lap, Abbie was in Aivree's lap, I think they liked one another. I sure thought it was cute.

Cute Grandpa Maxfield

Bryce fishing Spirit

One of the fishes Bryce caught, took a picture of the smallest one for some reason.

The fisher people at Spirit

Spirit Lake

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ogden Rodeo

We went to the Ogden Rodeo last night, and it was a lot of fun. They have the rodeo all week long, but we always go on the night that they support breast cancer, it's called "tough enough to wear pink". There is just something about cowboys in pink that just seems like an oxy-moron. My mom is a breast cancer survivor, so we go to support her.
The night was full of adventure from the baby steer that escaped through the fence and started running threw the crowd, to the two men that collied with there horses resulting with one horse rolling over the top of his rider, you know, just your everyday rodeo. I think that's why I like them, you can go every year, but something crazy is bound to happen.