Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Big Two, Seven!

Well as most of you should know, yesterday, August 25th was my birthday. Happy Birthday Janica!!! Well it started off a couple weeks ago at the Stevenson's, it was Sara and my b-day's, so we got to pick what we wanted for dinner and of course dessert. Sara picked the dinner and I went with the dessert, so yummy, one of my favorites, spice cake with cream cheese frosting. Thanks Stevenson's it was so yummy! Then on Sunday, it was off to my parents for the same event, but I have the whole month of August to myself, and I chose to have this yummy beef brisket that my mom makes, mmmm goood! Thank you families for the Sunday dinners, it's always nice to celebrate part of your day with those closest to you. As for my actual b- day, it started with me going visiting teaching at 9:30 in the morning, it's my fault I should not procrastinate. And after we were done VT, my partner, and friend, Kriste and her to cute girls took me out to get a Birthday Doughnut, it was so good, thanks girls. Then of course it was lunch time so Bryce and I went to Gandolfo's, hey, I had a coupon, buy one get one free. Then a little while longer passed and we had to eat dinner, where else better then Texas Roadhouse, mmmmmm. I loved it as usual. I know it sounds like all we did was eat, and that's almost true, eating is fun and what better time to do it then on your b-day. I should have taken a before and after shot because I swear I gained 10lbs yesterday. After dinner I wanted to see a movie, so I let Bryce pick, and we ended up seeing "The Rocker" at the Junction in Ogden, it had its funny parts, but I have to say the best part about it was that we had the entire movie theater to ourselves! (I think that Bryce secretly rented out the whole theater, trying to have some alone time) wink wink. We tried inviting our friends the Wolsey's, but there anniversary happens to fall on my b-day and I think they had some other fun plans, you really missed out guys, there's always next year. As far as my present goes, I didn't get it yet. I have been wanting Bryce and I to get bikes for awhile now, and that was my present, it's just not here yet. I can't wait to get it and go for a ride, I'll make sure to post some action pictures. So thanks to all those that made this a special day, I loved it, I just wish that I could say I was looking forward to the next one!
Texas Roadhouse

Can you believe after all that food, we still have room for popcorn!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Just Another Sad Weekend

Is there possibly someone else out there whose husband has the same problem that mine does? GOLF, ahhhhhh! It's not so much the golf as much as the golf trips, I swear this is the 5th one this year, at least he doesn't have to pay for them, thanks Stock Building Supply! Even though I sound all pissy, I really am glad that he is able to go, he works so dang hard, and he's always under so much stress, he really does deserve it, unfortunately it just leaves me to have another weekend alone, sad. Well I guess I'll always have Abbie to keep me company, but she just doesn't make for good conversation, go figure. I really can't complain though, I have lots of friends whose husbands travel for weeks at a time, and let's not forget the husbands that are gone many months serving our country, OK, OK, OK, tantrum over!! I guess I can just be glad that I have a husband that leaves me for just a few days, 5 times a year. I love ya babe, hurry homes it's just not the same without ya, and I hope your having fun golfing in Sun Vally, Idaho.

We had family pictures last night with the Stevenson's,
so I was kind of in a picture taking mood, sorry for all the
photos of us, but don't cha think we're kinda cute, and just in
case some of the pictures didn't turn out with the real
photographer we'll always have these.

Abbie waiting to take Bryce to Stock Building SupplyI think Abbie's thinking, "your leaving again?".

Friday, August 8, 2008

This is NOT an announcement

Why is it, that a man without any little boys is not allowed to go to the "father and son's " campout without people thinking that we must be making an announcement? If you think that I LOOK three months pregnant well than that's understandable, but just because he wants to go camping doesn't mean we have big news to share with the world. And even if I did, do you all think that is how I would announce it? "OK Bryce, you go up to the campout alone and then all the men will start to think why is he here? They must have a baby on the way." Oh brother, I would be so much more creative than that! So yes, Bryce is up at the ward father and son's overnighter, and I think it's cute. I think it's a little sad however that he will be sleeping in that tent all alone. He probably could have taken Abbie, everyone thinks that all big dogs are boys anyway, so I guess that could have worked on some level. Some of the men in the ward were convincing him to go, and that's what I love about Bryce, he doesn't care what people will think, doesn't worry about having anyone to go up with, he just packed (well I mostly packed) his stuff up and off he went. I didn't get any pictures of my little camper before he left, mainly because I forgot, and partly because he would have said "are you kiddin me", well I hope you had fun babe, and I'll see ya tomorrow. And remember this is NOT an announcement, and I will come up with something a little better than that when the time comes!