Sunday, January 27, 2013

Audrey's words and actions

I think it's important to write down all the dang cute things that your little monkey does, because she won't do it forever. Some things your so grateful they won't do forever, like the fit throwing, toy throwing. Her mean scowl., the dis-obedient defiant child that is surfacing on random occasions . Oh did I not mention that she is now 21 months and on her way to a terrible two year old? Well she is, but along with all that, comes those tender moments of watching her learn and grow. I love listening to the things she says as she sees them. Half the time, I'm like no, that's not a.......and then as soon as I go to say it, I see what she is looking at! She truly sees the simple most obvious, sometimes hidden things all the time that I miss. I thank her for slowing me down to "smell the roses" so to speak.
She sees circle shapes everywhere she looks. She will say it while drawing a circle motion with her arm and finger.
She just recently learned the correct way to say popcorn and pumpkin. They both had m's in front of them. Mopcorn and munkin.....gosh, I sure miss that already!
I love that she tells me every time she has a boogie, "momma, boogie".
When it snows, she pronounces it backwards. She calls it nose.
I don't know where she learned to mispronounce ball and brush, but they both come out as bee-ball and bee-brush. That one is pretty cute!
She will come up to you and put out her hand reaching for yours, and say "finger". That means, stop doing whatever it is your doing, and come follow me.
Whenever we are on the changing table or in the car, she will just randomly throw out the names of everyone in the family she can say, then following it up with all of the Mickey Mouse characters. In those same two places, she will always sing out an "E-I-E-I-O". (cause that's the only part she knows)
She loves her daddy more than anything! She is such a daddy's girl. I know it's because he never says the word "no", never raises his voice and he always gets up every time she says finger. I would be lying if I said that it doesn't hurt that she would rather go to him every time she gets hurt etc...But who can blame her, he absolutely adores (spoils) her, I would follow him around all day too if I got that kind of attention:)
She has to walk around with things in her hands, if not, it's almost like she's naked. Usually the things that she carries around end up in very random places. She loves to hide things everywhere, between couch cushions, in cabinets etc.... She kinda reminds me of a dog that has to go bury her treasures so that no one else will find them. She is definitely keeping me on my toes as she is discovering new drawers with things to pull out and play with.
Every time she is done with her drink she will hand it to me and so "thank you momma". That means, I'm done with it servant, please take it. She will also do it when she is done wearing her headband, "thank you momma". Really, she does it with just about everything that she brings to you, she doesn't quite get how to use the word "thank you", but, at least she says it.
Every time we say prayers, she has to turn around with her belly on mine and puts her head on my shoulder while I say the prayer. Sometimes I will stretch out the prayer for as long as "Audrey" possible, so that she will cuddle me like that. If you know Audrey, you know that is a feat to get her to sit still for 2 seconds and too cuddle. I cherish prayer time. She always finishes with saying "Amen" and looking up at me as to make sure it's time to say it. A couple of weeks ago as I was praying, I said, "we are thankful for daddy and mommy and Audrey", she then quickly added saying, "and Abbie". I don't know what is more amazing, the fact that I left out our furry family member Abbie or that fact that she was paying attention!
These are just some of things that Audrey does that make my day. I love my Audrey so much!