Monday, September 26, 2011

Just ROLL with it mom!!

Well the other day, September 15th, 2011 to be exact, my baby girl decided she wanted to roll over to her belly! I can't believe how big she is getting. I actually thought, hey, as a new mom so far I don't think I have been crazy with the worrying that goes on, you know, when they sleep and stuff. Oh but now. Now I know what worrying is and I'm smart enough to know that this is just the beginning.
Bryce thinks I'm a freak because I'm worrying about it, but I think he is naive. Bryce's response to me being worried about the fact that she could suffocate if I'm not there to soon after she rolls over was, "No, she is the cutest". What the heck does being cute have to do with rolling back over? Nothing! He just likes to push my buttons when he thinks I'm being crazy, by saying things that he thinks are equally crazy and absurd, what a nerd!
Well, I just thought I would post about Audrey's big roll and how it makes me feel as a mother. I do want her to grow and develop at a normal pace, I'm sure I would be equally nervous if she weren't rolling soon. Women right? Sheese we are difficult to please!

St. George

A couple of weekends ago we went down with the Stevenson clan to sunny St. George. I preferred this weekend way over the last years trip we took down there. Hey, this was in Sept. vs July, you do the temperature math people. It was a great trip and always fun to get away with family.
We spent many hours in the pool watching the kids AND adults have fun. Bryce took Audrey swimming and she absolutely loved it. She is becoming way more alert and enjoyed herself way more than the last time we took her. She would pound her hands into the water and then of course it would splash her in the face. Her eyes would get so big and her face was like, "what was that?", only to do it again immediately.
We did some shopping, the guys went golfing, me and Aimee took some time out to get a much deserved pedicure, we saw Harry Potter and we went to this awesome restaurant called Anasazi. They bring out your raw meat on this hot rock that is 700 deg. You cook it right then and there. It was so cool and soooo good.
Thanks Stevenson clan for a fun outing, here is the one picture I took of the entire trip.........way lame of me

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Family/Audrey's 3 month photos

I think Audrey's pictures turned out pretty dang cute!! I may be a little bias though.....

Monday, September 5, 2011

Audrey's first vacation

Over Labor day weekend, my sister and brother-in-law were generous to take us up to their families cabin in Star Valley, WY. We took a day and drove to Yellowstone, which was so nice to see again. I haven't been back for probably 12 years and I had forgotten how beautiful it is up there, however, the smell is exactly how I remember. It's funny how once you have experienced your first sulfur rotting of the nostrils, it will not be forgotten. Mother nature is an amazing thing.
I honestly don't get how it all works and forms scientifically into what I saw this weekend, I can't explain it, other than the fact that there was a bigger hand involved. I know it sounds cheesy, but I'm so glad that I have the opportunity to go and explore God's creations. We live in such a beautiful place and there are so many things and places I still want to see. I love to travel!
The joke in our vehicle was between my dad and Bryce. Bryce kept getting my dad all worked up joking about how there are people in little huts that push a button for Old Faithful. We saw a branch in one of the pots, covered with mud, and Bryce would say things like, "they really need to do a better job at covering up the pipes to these things". He loves to get my dad riled up, and my dad is so quick to get there. It was a fun trip all in all and it's always good to be with family! Audrey was amazing. I think the fact that I'm always on the go, helps when we do things out of the ordinary. She spent most of the time riding around in the car and she did really good, had it been a few months later, we probably would have had a different out come.
Here are some pictures we took of our first trip with Audrey......
Us getting our first family picture taken on the trip, trying to look not grossed out as Audrey has just crapped in her diaper which happened to leak out onto her clothes, daddy was a trooper to hold her and pretend like nothing was wrong

who needs to search for animals when you have this to look at?

Old Faithful didn't disappoint

in front of Old Faithful

grandpa and Audrey, don't you just love her buffalo purse?

this buffalo walked on the other lane of traffic for quite some time causing a huge traffic jam

did I mention it was windy?

nice Alfa Alfa, it was windy

the crew hiking down to the water fall

beautiful canyon

dad and Bryce

the top of the lower water fall

hey Jen

me and Bryce standing on the top of the lower water fall

the water going over the lower water fall

the upper waterfall

some buffalo

Kendell and Cam

these people were the dumbest I've seen in awhile. First off, they walked right up to this boiling pot of muddy, stinky, and extremely hot water. Second, notice how they don't have their children's hand's. Third, they let them throw stuff into this muddy, stinky, extremely hot water. Fourth, as the children bent over to get these objects to throw into the muddy, stinky, extremely hot water, they bent over right at the edge where at any moment could have fallen face first into this muddy, stinky, extremely hot water. I yelled across the way that they were nuts and they needed to get away from that, but of course they were in la la land, ignored me and went on speaking their different language to one another as the children played on the banks of death.

good bye teton mountains through the back window

this is what Audrey did the entire 3hr drive home