Sunday, February 26, 2012

St George

Bryce and I decided to get away. With work and raising a little one and well, just life, we decided we needed to head out of town. My mom offered to take Audrey for the weekend and I have to admit deep down, I was glad. I know you shouldn't want to leave your child, especially when she is only 10 months old, but dang it, I wanted to. Bryce and I needed a little alone time, which is hard to get when you are constantly catering to your child. So no, there was no guilt here, other than the fact that I had to burden my parents with Audrey and the dog.
Bryce and I didn't leave until after 10 pm Thursday evening which put our arrival time around 2:30am, we got lost trying to find the place, so then we didn't get to the actual house until after 3. The drive down was actually really fun for me, we talked for about 4 hours straight without even turning on the radio.
The next day we headed off to breakfast, went golfing, hit the Parade of Homes, dinner and ended the night with massages. Saturday we did more Parade of Homes, shopping and of course eating. At dinner that night, my mom called me to inform me that Audrey had walked all by herself. She asked me if I was mad? And of course I wasn't, but I was upset. I was sad that I had missed my baby girls first steps. It is no body's fault but Audrey's! Why does she have to be soooo advanced? Hahaha Audrey just turned 10 months that week and I knew she would be walking sometime this month, she wasn't far off, but obviously I didn't think she would be walking the day after we left her. My mom sent me a video of her walking, it wasn't quite the same, but it was at least something. Sunday, we did lunch, hit a few more houses and headed home.
We got home to find Audrey saying "mam ma". I think my mom had refrained from telling me that one because she thought it might push me over the edge. It's all fine and dandy mom and dad, just plan on having her in the next little while for an entire week so that when we come home, she will be potty trained;)
Thanks honey for the quick get away, it's always fun hanging out with you. Thanks mom and dad for watching the rest of our family. It's so nice leaving them and knowing that they are both in good hands.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

10 months

Here is Audrey at 10 months haulin around the house. This is her new thing. She likes to stand outside of her car and push it around the house.

Audrey got a new tooth coming in on top for her 10 month b-day. She got the bottom 2 at 6 months and decided to wait awhile for this one.
She is very vocal, great, she likes to hear herself talk! She also loves to sing with her mommy. She doesn't sing the right words of course, but she sure thinks she is. It's almost like a contest to see who can get the loudest.
Audrey also loves the vacuum, and has ever since birth. Since she has been able to crawl, she chases me around. I go to the side of her and out of no where she will dart at it like a bull going after red. I have to be very careful, I almost got her little fingers the other day.
She is like spider man. She now likes to scale walls to get around and she does quite well.
These are just a few of the things that Audrey is doing now. She definitely keeps me moving.
XOXO baby

1st Valentines

Here are some cutie patootie pictures of Audrey in here little Valentine outfit. Ohhh I just want to kiss her all the time, except when she ticks me off, then I'm like, na'ah. Love you baby girl!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

words...I think

Well Audrey seems to be saying things, well, I think. They sound like words to me, so there you have it. She says, "yeah", "dadda" (still), "hi". Of course if I were to ask her to do any of these things in front of anyone, she would never in a million years do it, so you'll just have to take my word for it. I have also got her to say, "roarrrrr" like a bear and lately anytime she is holding something and she drops it, she totally lets out this "ughhhh" in frustration, like she's totally peeved that she has to bend over to get it. I hate how big she is getting. Tomorrow she will be 10 months, oh wait, yup, that was me just wiping away a tear.

Monday, February 13, 2012

drink, ahhhh, drink

The other day Audreys feeding time came around, as it does every 4 hours. I sat her down on my lap and tried to put the bottle in her mouth. She opened up, but would not drink, she just kept pushing it from side to side and then she clenches both of her hands into fists while tensing up her whole body and let out an ahhhh! So I put her down in irritation cause the kid was ticking me off.
So as she walked around the ottoman for a bit, I asked her a little later if she wanted her babba? She came to me, I sat her in my lap, while she proceeded to do the exact same thing following it with an ahhhhh! Instead of putting her down this time, I just thought whatever, she'll eat when she wants I guess and we just watched tv for a second. As we were sitting there, she let out a big sneeze and out came what looked like a big snot ball, (a little graphic and gross I know, just remember, this is my blog here people)Of course it landed on my leg and I was like "oh no you di-nt", but oh yeah, she did. As I inspected this thing sitting on my leg that was covered in her formula like the PI that I am, come to find out it wasn't at all a big ball of goo, it was a big piece of plastic that Audrey had placed in her mouth at some point. Nice goin babysitter, oh wait, that was me.
Chalk it up for another "mommy point". Once again Audrey, lesson learned. When a baby that can't speak tenses up and clenches hands into fists and she lets out the phrase ahhhhh! That usually means something. That day it was, "hey mom, I shoved some 3" piece of plastic that I found off the disgusting floor that the dog probably sat on into my mouth and now your trying to wash it down with milk but I have to tell you it's not going down because this piece of plastic is a total barrier here, what are you trying to do kill me? Oh whatever dummy, I will just sneeze it out onto your leg and make it look like some big ball of goo".
Thanks for being the smart one Audrey.