Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hard Goodbyes

Goodbyes are some of the hardest things to do and yet we will all have to do them at some point in our lives. Losing a loved one, moving away.....thank goodness mine is just the latter, but its still hard. This is the longest Bryce and I have lived anywhere and I will miss my Syracuse family more than they know.
We have made some great friends through the years, that have been true examples of righteousness, service and love. They really are a Christ like bunch of people and we will forever cherish the time that we got to know and spend with them.
Although it is hard leaving those people, it wasn't until I sat in the Primary room my last 2 Sundays that I found myself really fighting back the tears. I think I have spent 6 out of the 7 years we have lived here in that Primary room, getting to love and be with those kids. That has truly been where I have felt at home and have been loved by so many children. I had one of the boys from my class bring me cookies this past Sunday, he said that, "he was really going to miss me, he loved having me as his teacher."  I bent down and gave this sweet boy a hug and told him "he was awesome and that I loved having him in class and that he would love his next teacher". I watched him run down the stairs and hop in his car, now crying, he yelled up to his mom in the front seat, "I almost starting crying in front of her." Little did he know I felt the same way.
Audrey has had such a great experience in nursery. I asked her who her best friend in church was and she said "teacher Kelly", which is really teacher Shane. They are the Willard couple and she loves them both along with teacher Cheyla. She is going to miss them so much and I can only hope that the next ones will live up to a quarter of the fun and love they have shown her.
For me, it is also hard and not hard to leave my home. We have gone threw so much together as a married couple. This is where we have spent most of our married lives. This is where I had a lot of firsts, my first garden, my first child. The garden I can have another shot at, the child, I get to continue to nourish and love and best of all, she gets to come with me. Along with all of the great memories we have made in our home. That's the nice thing about houses, they are just a house until you make it a home, and that's exactly what we plan on doing with this next one, just starting new memories with the same people.
Its amazing how you start to pull just a few things off of walls in the house you've made a home.....and it instantly doesn't feel like a home anymore. I'm ready to be gone. This Friday, October 25th will be our last day. It's definitely bitter sweet!
Change is hard, but I think it is important. We get too comfortable and complacent with our lives. Change is what makes us grow, if we allow it too. We are so excited for this next step in our lives. We have no doubt that it is what we are supposed to do, the Lord has made it clear to us. We trust Him and are willing to sacrifice a little to do so.
FYI, moving sucks!!!