Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The Stevensons gave us a trip to Disneyland this past Christmas. We went 9/3-9/7/12 and it was a blast. It was a little warmer than I expected but I survived. Audrey was just a hair short for a lot of the rides. She is 33" and a lot of them were 35". The rides Miss Audrey did make it on, not one tear was shed, she was a trooper. I think her favorites were "Dumbo", "Ariel the Mermaid", and "It's a Small World". Our last night we caught "The World of Color" at California Adventures and that she loved. She clapped and clapped while screaming and saying "wow"!

(airplane ride)
I was so worried that the airplane flight was going to be h#!!. Having a child that can't sit still and all for 2 seconds, but it went so well. She was so enthralled with the take off and looking out the window while in flight. I could not have asked for a better behaved child during our vacation. It's so hard for kids (and parents) when they get off schedule, but she adapted so well. Thank you mom and dad Stevenson for the great vacation, it was so much fun to have Audrey finally see the "real" Mickey Mouse since that is who she watches 5x's a day!

    Here is Audrey playing with daddy in the hotel room, when she should be asleep. I lOVE that giggle!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

15 months

I took Miss Audrey in for her 15 month appt and she was as follows:
weight: 24.9lb   69%
Head: 18.5in     75%
Height: 33in       96%
Yup, she's still very very tall. Along with being tall, she has recently become a pain in the butt. She acts like she's going through the terrible two's already telling me "no no no" and screaming and kicking her legs anytime I take her down from something she feels the need to climb or anytime I put her on the changing table. She is a ball of energy that still never tires and is running me ragged, but gosh she's cute and I sure do love that little mutt!
Speaking of mutt, look at these pictures of this wet one. You can't tell but she was drenched! I was taking some photos of a house we had just finished up and she decides to walk into the shower and turn the water on. She thought it was pretty funny and just wanted to keep goin back for more. Like I said mutt.