Saturday, November 19, 2011

Diagnosis~ A.D.D. baby

She hasn't been diagnosed by a professional, but I think I'm just about as good. This baby girl of mine is as close to having A.D.D. as a child can get,(in my opinion).
Audrey is a busy body. When she learns to crawl or walk watch out mommy. Her legs and hands are constantly going. When you feed the child, you can tell she just can't even relax her mind for 2 seconds. Her hands are strumming my hair/shirt/burp cloth or they are slamming down on the bottle, not holding the bottle. When I put her hands on the bottle for her to try and hold it, it's like watching a magnet when you put the wrong ends together or like she has just been burnt by the bottle. She can't get them away quick enough. The head is moving from one sound to the next continually dropping the bottle out of her mouth only to have milk run everywhere. Speaking of of her head, the head is where the eyes and ears are and they never shut down. She is so attentive and always has been, to every sound around her. You can tell she is really studying what is going on and truly doesn't want to miss a thing. If you start talking while feeding her, she drops that bottle shoots up to sitting position as if she knows it would be rude to not make eye contact with you, even though your not even talking to her or like she understands for that matter. This trait makes for fun feedings. (sarcasm). I tell Bryce constantly that this child makes me feel like I don't know how to hold a child because she moves around so much.
The legs are the funniest to me. She will have them both bent with one of them forming a triangle on top of the other knee while tapping her toe down on the knee over and over and over. She is doing this constantly.
We love our little busy body A.D.D. girl, but she is a wiggly worm!

tender moments

This past little while I have been thinking of the things that my little Audrey does, that I just adore and I wanted to write them down because it won't be long and she will have moved on to something else and I will soon forget.....
The first thing that I have to type down into history is one that she already doesn't do anymore and I miss it so much and could never catch it on film because it was a sneeze. When Audrey first started to sneeze she would do 1, 2 sneeze and then on the 3rd would do just the acting of the sneeze saying "a---chu" totally breathing out this long "chu" sound at the end, with no actual sneeze coming out. Bryce and I would just laugh and laugh and would find ourselves totally listening intently every time she would sneeze not wanting to miss it and of course being so disappointed when she didn't do it. She only did the "fake" sneeze for a few months but I still find myself listening for it every time she happens to sneeze.
I absolutely love how we start our day off. I love that Audrey wakes up so happy. First thing in the morning, from a nap, or if I have to go wake her up. She always puts that cute smile on her face and then digs her feet into the mattress to lift her back. I'm so glad she is a happy camper and I hope that is something that will continue as I wake her for school over the years.
Bath time is one of my favorites. I love that there is no cell phone dealing with work, no TV, Audrey has just been fed so she is happy and I am as well. It's just me and her and nothing else. I find myself getting irritated through out the day with sometimes the smallest things like changing a diaper as she rolls all over the place after I have just strategically placed the diaper where it needed to be, I'm sure there are other mothers out there like me right? Bath time isn't one of those times. I just love watching her kick and splash as I sing and make her smell good. It is almost bringing me to tears as I write this, thinking that those days will soon pass as I have seen how quickly her 7th month will be here.
Smile... need I say more?
The next is the car. I loved it the moment Audrey figured out where I was. I will hear her little head move on the fabric of her car seat and I know she's looking at me. I will unsafely look back over my shoulder at her and all I can see is one big eye looking at me. She will stare for a moment and then turn around only for me to hear that fabric sound again finding that we do this over and over and I continue to drive very unsafely. If you people could only share that moment with the one eye, I think you would understand. I can't NOT look!!!
Audrey since day one has loved her blanky. She does this thing when she is falling asleep where she is holding on to the blanket with one hand and then with the other hand pulls the fabric up towards the sky like she's playing a harp or guitar. I can't quite figure out why that is relaxing, but it seems to be for her.
She loves tags. A tag on anything and Audrey can find it. Blankets, burp cloths, bibs, toys, play mats etc...She will roll it through her fingers over and over like it's a little silky. That ends up being more entertaining that the actual toy that it's on, for some reason.
Talking/screaming/concentrating. Audrey gets so excited and let's out the loudest screams at times. If your holding her, you can totally feel her abs tighten up as she pushes out every breath of air she has. I also just plain and simply love listening to her coo 's and caw's and the things she thinks are words. When Audrey is studying something, trying to figure out what it is or how to get it in her mouth or play with it. She puts her little lips together making them look like a duck and then the eye brows furrow down, she usually bounces her head around while slapping and kicking at the object. I love this look.
Late at night, when it is time for Audrey's bed time, she gets really giggly. I love when her daddy starts to nibble on her neck and belly and she just laughs uncontrollably. There is nothing sweeter than a child's laugh. It is music to the ears and I'm so grateful for a husband that takes the time to continually put a smile on both of our faces.
Don't get me wrong, it's not all happy thoughts, lolly pops, rainbows and unicorns over here all the time! But I do have many of these moments where I'm just so happy. I think it is so much easier to appreciate these moments if you sit down to think about what your thankful for more often and for me, writing them down. It always makes me think about things and puts a smile on my face as I re-live the moments that I have had with my little girl.
These are just a few of the things I love about Audrey, I can't name them all, but this is what sticks out at the moment. I love her so much and am so thankful for her in my life and for the memories we are making.

Monday, November 14, 2011

losing mommy points

This morning as I went to bed at 1:30 am and my little Audrey decided to wake up at 5:30 am and again at 6:00, I was quickly reminded of how much this little girl is dependent on me. I of course went into her nursery to stick the binky into her mouth and I did check, in my behalf to see if she had leaked out of her diaper and onto her sheets, but that was the extent of it. I went into get her this morning changed her diaper like I do every morning, she had pooped sometime during the night and as soon as I laid her down and went to pick up her legs to wipe, the screaming started. Her little bum was so red and sore. I think you can only feel that way as a mother, complete failure! The fact that I could have prevented the pain that my little girl is in every time I touch her/ bathe her/ wipe her. I feel terrible and I have definitely slipped down her top 10 list. I however am hoping to bounce back by refraining from posting pictures of her very cute little but red bum at this time, knowing that it would only cause her humiliation in the cyber world that she would find hard to live down as she gets older and is reading this here diary. I love you baby girl, even mommies aren't perfect and if it makes you feel better on this particular day, I'm sure I'm bound to do worse things to you accidentally in the future. All my love, mommy.

Stevenson family pictures

We got our pictures taken a few weeks ago with the Stevenson clan and here was the out come.....

Sunday, November 13, 2011

who needs to crawl??

Audrey is not crawling yet, with that being said, she sure gets around a room. She does the, "rolling over and over" method to get from point A to point B and then she also does the "beep beep, I'm backing up" method. She actually used a combination of both of the method's mentioned above to get herself into this little pickle.....

Sheesh, she sure is cute though, even stuck under a hutch. She has recently started pushing up on her arms lately, so I really don't think she is that far off.

Arcade Family Fun

We went to Boondocks last week and played the arcades, we did pretty dang good if I must say so myself. We tore it up in the ticket department but didn't know what the heck to buy, so we are going to save them, go again and see if we can get something bigger!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

teeth on the horizon

We have teeth on the prowl people! I can't believe that my baby girl is old enough to be getting teeth, what is she thinking? Doesn't she realize mommy is not quite ready for's to soon! She has been a little ornery, but nothing way to extreme. They have finally broken through the gums slightly so maybe it won't be so painful for her, well, I guess until the next one comes in huh?