Monday, July 30, 2012

Water Slide

Audrey seriously has no fears that I can see as of yet. Not quite sure if that is a good thing or not. That's probably why I still can't leave her alone on the stairs, because ever since she could walk, she thinks she should just be able to walk down them as I do, not crawl. I see some broken bones in her future.
Anyway, my sister bought this blow up water slide, which is great, cause I get to use it:) The first time we took Audrey, I had the kids holding her as she went down. Then I said, let's see how she does on her own. She's a pro, she loves it. Thanks for letting us come over and giving us something to do (especially for free).

Hoogle Zoo

We have been to Hoogle Zoo twice this year. Once with just us and the second time I took Audrey with my mom and Kendell and Cam. Audrey loves her some animals. The elephant is always her favorite. She does a nice elephant sound when she see's them. Here are some pics of our day in the animal kingdom

Brownie Lake Reunion- 2012

Well another year has come and gone for the Nelson, Ira and Hattie reunion and I'm sad. I really do look forward to it every year. I enjoy camping and being with my family, making new memories while hearing about the old ones of people I never knew and pondering back on the years that we have been going to Brownie Lake as a family. It really is a fun place and I hope that our family carries on the traditions set by my Great Grandma and Grandpa Nelson. This year was a first for us, and a first for Audrey. We took our baby camping for the first time. We rented a trailer because this time in the Uintas can still be really cold and Audrey will not sleep with blankets. We shared a trailer with my parents which I was just a little nervous about due to the fact that Audrey may not sleep through the night. The first night she woke up screaming. Not sure if she was slightly cold and then it turned into a, hey, where the heck am I scream! She ended up sleeping next to Bryce and I for the first time and I'm hoping that is the last. I just laid there the rest of the night being kicked/hit and worrying that I would roll onto her. The other 2 nights she did great. Not waking at all. During the days, she took her naps, went on a lot of wagon rides, 4 wheeler rides and played with cousins. She loves her cousins and I truly don't know what I would have done without their help with entertaining, (and Aunts and grandparents) :) Audrey happened to fall out of the trailer the last few hours of our trip, leaving this nice gem...... Audrey finally falling asleep in the car one of the many wagon rides
Abbie caught a fish with her mouth. Bryce said she looked like a bear in Alaska bobbing her head under water to catch it. Bryce was nice enough to bring home her catch of the day, fry it up for her and then she got to reap the rewards of her hard labors.
Thanks for the fun family vacation. It's sad, but since we have all been married, I don't think that we have all been on a family vacation together other than these reunions. So see, it has it's purpose!